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Packaging and Processing Equipment
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Our customers have processing machinery working day and night. Those lines often become obsolete and need upgrading or rebuilding. Eagle Industrial provides our customers with complete consulting to determine the project parameters, equipment refurbishment requirement, and parts and supplies that will be needed.

Our technicians are very professional and skilled in this industry. We develop the plan, perform the tasks required to complete the rebuild, and then we work with you to educate and train your staff on the new systems.

It's as simple as that and with the internet is pretty much instantaneous. We are experts in the industrial equipment field and we don't have all the answers but we know people who do. We use our network of industry professionals to help us when we need it.

That's actually a request from a customer. Something needs to do something so it will process through the production areas, the fulfillment areas, and the packaging system at the end. There is no road map sometimes so we create one. We engineer and design our industrial line systems to serve a purpose and solve a problem. We know the answer to the question is always "we can do it."

"I need a packaging line that will put 100 pounds of tobacco in a small wooden box, spray a conditioning oil on top, add a sheet of paper and install a wooden top."

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A lot of our business is line rebuilds. We go in, evaluate what we have to work with. Dig out all the bad pieces, fill in the voids, come up with the smoothest procedures, and we custom produce the machines and components needed to overhaul your system. We excel in rebuilds because we have a team of experienced craftsman that have the mechanical ability and strategic eye to fix the issues with an existing line.

"My lines are getting old, I need them rebuilt."

We provide custom fabrication of the design concepts developed specifically for your project.